Head to the Red Sea with H2O Divers

H2O Divers are proud to have partnered with MV Legends for a very different kind of liveaboard experience in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Providing full support for technical diving, rebreather diving and recreational diving, MV Legends will make your trip to the Red Sea simply unforgettable.

Features of MV Legends include:

  • Open Deck Policy on Dive Times
  • Over 100,000 litres of Technical Gases
  • Over 100 Rigged Stage Cylinders
  • 30 sets of Rebreather Cylinders
  • Dive Guides Available from Recreational Depths to beyond 100m
  • Booster Pumps
  • Free Nitrox (up to 32%)
  • Decompression Trapeze

If you would like more information on joining H2O Divers onboard MV Legends, please do not hesitate to contact us.